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Thanks to today’s technology and the overall interconnectivity, we can access different websites and see pictures of our dream destinations at any moment. This allows us to experience delightful vistas no matter where we are. That is how websites attract attention, keep the visitors and make them come back for more.   Google did an […]

During the years, there has been more and more attention paid not only to Olympic logo design (not only to the famous Olympic rings), but the visual identity of each team, and making the whole venue exude Olympic spirit. When it comes to graphic design, the Visa team did a great job. The idea is […]

A few months ago we had a really interesting project that was successfully completed. The project was specific because its founders had the confidence in us and they gave us the freedom to do the entire project – from visual identity to the development of the web application that helps the elderly population with disabilities […]

Inspired by Nordic culture, which is all about nature – healthy food and lifestyle, coziness and light environment, food agriculture and manufacturing, Backbone Branding assembled all of this components into the MØS brand, a new Nordic restaurant in Moscow, where Scandinavian traditions and cuisine are situated in one place. Guided by Nordic philosophy, the designers […]


Despite the fact that Christmas is over long time ago, we, here in Art&Code studio are still impressed by this limited – Christmas – edition beer. The whole package – the idea, festive name, classy design, wooden box package, specially its label consisted of elegant illustrations and gold foil finish – represents a great Christmas […]

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After really long time here we go again.  We made a data research and design this cool infographic about Key Conversion Factors in Landing Page Design. This question is always somewhere in the air Can Landing Page Design make better Conversation rate? Take a minute and view this interesting reading about this topic trough the infographic.

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  We are a consumer society that is evolving every day, customer requirements are increasingly higher, there are more and more products on the market and in this jungle they need to find the way to do end user or customer. We know from pest that it is evident that packaging sells the product, in […]

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It was five years ago, on February the 25th, 2009, that this, back then just a great idea, originated, with a great goal to create a serious creative studio – Art & Code. In the very beginning the Creative Studio has worked with only few clients. Every client is special to us, and we are […]

Dear friends, Warm holiday wishes may peace follow wherever you go, filling your days with magic making all your dreams come true Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.